Elliot Kraft Honored as 2021 Firefighter of the Year Recipient

Picture of Elliot Kraft receiving his awardThe Champaign Fire Department and the Champaign Exchange Club honored the 2021 Firefighter of the Year recipient, Firefighter Elliot Kraft, on May 9th at a luncheon held at Sammy’s Pancake House, 1206 N. Mattis Ave.

Firefighter Elliot Kraft was selected as the Firefighter of the Year for his dedication to the fire service and the monumental task he undertook to evaluate the department’s current technical rescue equipment and assess its capability. He proposed the purchase of additional technical rescue equipment to advance the department’s abilities and conducted department wide training to increase firefighter’s proficiency. Beginning in 2021 and continuing into 2022, he has both increased the department’s technical rescue potential and proficiency.