City Submits Consolidated Annual Performance Review

The City submitted its Consolidated Annual Performance Review (CAPER) to HUD on September 28. The CAPER outlines the City’s expenditures and accomplishments with Community Development Block Grant Funds during the previous program year. Projects funded during FY 2020-21 program year focused on preventing and responding to the Coronavirus. These funds were targeted towards emergency mortgage, rental, and utility assistance; microenterprise and small business assistance; homelessness, food insecurity, youth programming, re-entry programming and violence prevention. COVID relief funding (CDBG-CV) allowed the City to engage in partnerships with many new agencies including the United Way of Champaign County, CU Trauma Resiliency Initiative, CU at HOME, The City of Champaign Township and First Followers.

CDBG-CV Accomplishments include grants to 60 small businesses, rental assistance to 170 families, and 1368 individuals received assistance through the City’s public service programs. Additionally, 17 homes were rehabbed through the City’s various housing rehabilitation programs.

The City expended $1,641,079 in these efforts that impacted over 1600 individuals, families, homes, or businesses.