Changes to Improve Safety and Encourage Continued Support of Campustown Businesses

City of Champaign Announces Changes to Improve Pedestrian and Traffic Safety While Encouraging Continued Community Support of Campustown Businesses

The City of Champaign encourages the community to continue supporting local businesses, including those in Campustown. With the increased traffic for deliveries and pickups along Green Street, the City seeks to promote public safety and better educate motorists about parking options in Campustown. Effective Friday, February 26, 2021 changes will be implemented along the 400-600 blocks of Green Street. These changes are necessary to prevent illegal parking in the center turn lane, to reduce the chances of vehicular-pedestrian accidents, and to ensure emergency vehicles can quickly and safely respond to emergencies in Campustown.

As a reminder to the public, parking vehicles on Green Street in Campustown is not permitted at any time. Those visiting Campustown are encouraged to utilize parking spaces on nearby side streets that are within a short walking distance of Campustown restaurants and businesses. This also applies to delivery vehicles that are either dropping off or picking up food or packages from area businesses or residences. Multiple loading zones are available on nearby side streets for these activities.

The City will implement the following actions to address public safety concerns with illegal parking on Green St. in Campustown:
• Place barricades and additional no-parking signs in the center turn lane to remind drivers that parking and standing in the roadway is not allowed.
• Remove pickup zones on Green St. that were temporarily setup for takeout.
• Increase patrols in the area to advise motorists of parking rules and to take enforcement actions as appropriate.
• Ticket and/or tow vehicles that are illegally parked in the roadway.
• Work with Campustown restaurants and businesses to make sure that business owners, customers, and delivery drivers are aware of the location of loading zones and other parking options on nearby side streets (Wright Street, Fifth Street, Sixth Street, John Street).

The City appreciates the cooperation of the public in following all traffic and parking regulations to ensure the safety of students, pedestrians, and motorists in the busy Campustown area.

A map of available parking areas is available here.

(Post updated 3/25/2021 to update map)