Champaign County Fire Departments Awarded Grant for Personal Protective Equipment

The Champaign Fire Department completed the application process for a regional Assistance to Firefighters Grant made available to fire departments to help offset unanticipated costs for Personal Protective Equipment associated with the COVID-19 response. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) awarded the grant which will provide funding to ten Champaign County Fire Departments who chose to participate in this grant process. Approval for the administration of this grant was given during the August 18th Champaign City Council meeting.

The funding for this grant is specifically for the purchase of Personal Protective Equipment which includes masks, gloves, goggles, gowns, boot covers, and emergency medical suits. The response to Covid-19 is more than just a City of Champaign issue. First responders must be prepared as a community when responding to our citizens during this crisis. This grant ensures that first responders from many of the communities in Champaign County will be properly equipped for the duration of the response.

The grant cycle extends into July of 2021.