City of Champaign Issues Emergency Order 20-21

Promotes Public Health and Safety in Bars and Restaurants in Accordance with Restore Illinois Phase 4 Guidelines

Today Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen issued Emergency Order 20-21 which allows for local enforcement of Phase 4 operating guidelines for bars and restaurants, including occupancy limits and social distancing requirements. The Emergency Order requires establishments licensed for the sale and on-premise consumption of alcohol in the City’s Campustown area to comply with the COVID-19 2020 Restaurant and Bar Establishment Safety Guidelines for Phase 4 of the Restore Illinois Plan. Emergency Order 20-21 states that liquor establishments in Champaign’s Campustown area with a normal combined indoor and outdoor standing area occupancy of 200 or more people which violate the State’s Phase 4 guidelines could be subject to enforcement actions, including emergency closures of the business as well as fines, suspension, or revocation of the establishment’s liquor license.

In addition, Emergency Order 20-21 requires all liquor establishments in the Campustown area to only allow individuals age 21 and over to be on the premises after 9:00 pm, starting on July 3, 2020.

A full copy of Emergency Order 20-21 can be reviewed on the City’s website.