Code Compliance Division Resumes Additional Code Inspections

The Code Compliance Division has added additional inspections types beginning June 15, 2020.These additional inspection types include housing and nuisance cases. Examples of housing cases that will now be addressed are interior tenant inspection requests, exterior housing complaints, and vacant structure cases. Some examples of nuisance cases that will now be addressed are inoperable vehicles, vehicles parked on unapproved surfaces, landscape waste, discarded furniture, indoor furniture on porches, and accumulations of refuse. Unregistered vehicles are not being addressed as the Secretary of State’s office has granted an extension for vehicle registrations until October 1, 2020.

Inspections also continue to be performed for cases involving issues that may render a dwelling unit unfit for human occupancy (i.e. lack of utilities, structural damage, fire damage, etc.), interior inspections of vacant units, tall grass, garbage accumulations, stagnant water, dangerous trees, and similar nuisances. All other code compliance complaints will continue to be logged and other inspection types will be added in the future, although, residents should be prepared for an increased wait time for inspections