City of Champaign Issues Emergency Order 20-20

Today Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen issued Emergency Order 20-20 which expressly allows the use of City streets and right-of-way for marches by community members exercising their First Amendment rights to free expression and assembly.  On May 20, 2020, Mayor Feinen issued Emergency Order 20-17, which suspended the issuance of special event permits through September 7, 2020, due to COVID-19 related public health concerns.  The purpose of Emergency Order 20-20 is to clarify that, despite the temporary prohibition on special event permits, the use of City streets and right-of-way to parade or march for the purpose of exercising freedom of speech and peaceful assembly is allowed, and to affirm that the City will continue to collaborate with organizers to facilitate these activities.

The Order states that, when possible, organizers of events should work with the Champaign Police Department to discuss their event plans.  This allows for the collaborative development of public safety accommodations and scheduling of City resources and staff needed to promote the safe use of City streets for such events.

A full copy of Emergency Order 20-20 can be reviewed on the City’s website.

Media Contact:  Jeff Hamilton, Communications Manager | [email protected]