Champaign Police Apply for Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding

Champaign Police have submitted a request for the Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding Program Grant in the amount of approximately $150,000 to help ensure and maintain necessary public safety services. If approved, it will help cover the proactive COVID-19 related expenditures taken by the Department to date. With the health and safety of its sworn officers and civilian staff – as well as the public – in mind, Champaign Police approved numerous purchases related to cleaning and sanitizing supplies, as well as effective personal protective equipment, during the initial stages of the pandemic.

The funding will also be used to help with anticipated expenditures. If the pandemic continues for several months or years, the need for overtime and callback situations to ensure minimum staffing could arise if Champaign Police Department employees are diagnosed with COVID-19. If significantly exposed to COVID-19, lodging may be required for an officer to self-quarantine to avoid exposure to their families. Other anticipated expenditures may be discussed to help social distancing measures within the workplace to prevent employee transmission.

If the funding is awarded, the City has established procurement policies to ensure appropriate guidelines are followed during the purchasing process and it will go before City Council for consideration.