Champaign Police Officer Russell Beck Retires

Russell Beck Aug. 2019Champaign Police Officer Russell Beck, following 20 years of honorable service to the City of Champaign, is retiring, effective today, Aug. 16, 2019.

“Twenty years goes by quickly when you are enjoying your job, the people around you and are motivated by the opportunity to serve a great community, and this has been my case as a Champaign Police Officer,” said Beck. “I’m grateful for the amazing men and women I served with, the community relationships I’ve made, and for my friends, family and church community, all of whom have helped make this a fulfilling journey.”

Beck, who retires as a Patrol Officer and Crime Scene Unit Technician responsible for recovering and processing forensic evidence at crime scenes, has been trained and served on several specialized units throughout his career. Among those include:

  • Crime Scenes Unit
  • Field Training Unit – Field Training Officer
  • Bicycle Unit
  • Crisis Negotiations Unit


Known for his calming demeanor, ability to build rapport with others and for his crime scene skills/evidence discovery and preservation, Beck has earned several Commendations and City Awards for teamwork, demeanor and professionalism and arrests.

Beck is also an Illinois National Guardsmen in the Illinois Air National Guard.

“Every day, I knew I could count on Russ showing up to work and performing his job with the highest levels of professionalism, skill and care,” said Champaign Police Chief Anthony Cobb. “His natural ability to communicate and engage our entire community through unconditional respect and relatability allowed him to become a special and successful officer. I wish him the best in retirement.”