METCAD Holds Informational Meeting for Telecommunicator I Recruitment

On Wednesday, June 19, METCAD hosted an informational meeting for people interested in learning more about the position of Telecommunicator I.  The event, which drew approximately 30 people, was organized to provide an opportunity for potential applicants to develop an understanding of the METCAD structure, the responsibilities and expectations of being a Telecommunicator (TC), and the hiring process.  The presentation covered a variety of topics including METCAD’s History, TC Job Duties, Recruitment and Hiring Process, Salary and Benefits, Life as a TC, Training Process, and Professional Development.

Staff participating in the event included METCAD Director Ralph Caldwell, Operations Manager Betsy Smith, Supervisor Jenny Frost, Administrative Assistant Kristin Wright, Telecommunicator II Brian Peddycoart, and Telecommunicator Is Lance Buyno and Caitlin Haas. Stacy Rachel and Eric Reynolds from the Human Resources Department also attended.

Applications for Telecommunicator I are being accepted on a continuous basis through National Testing Network (

Attendees at the Info Meeting