City Employees Set New Records for Charitable Giving

In 2018, the City of Champaign once again participated in the Combined Charities Campaign that was organized by the United Way of Champaign County.  Each year, the City participates in this campaign by encouraging City employees to donate to a wide variety of local, state, and national charitable organizations.  The campaign wrapped up late last year and the results are in!

The City of Champaign is proud to announce that its employees commitment to charitable giving reached new heights in the recent campaign, with 157 staff members pledging a total of $87,788 to dozens of charitable organizations. Both the number of participants and the total dollar amount pledged represent new records for the City.  Champaign is proud to employ dedicated and generous people who serve and give back to our community in so many different ways.

The City of Champaign is a long-time supporter of the Combined Charities Campaign, and is one of seven members of the United Way’s Million Dollar Circle of Caring.  This distinction was awarded to the City in 2017, after surpassing $1 million in cumulative employee donations over the years.