Neighborhood Programs Lead to Structure Repair

In June of 2017, the Neighborhood Programs Division was tasked with making a house habitable after the home was badly damaged by fire. The damaged portion of the home contained the bedrooms, bathroom, water heater, breaker box, and furnace. The client had no homeowner’s insurance and the house was condemned pending repairs. If the home could not be repaired, the client would be essentially homeless.

Due to the high cost of repairs, the project did not fit into any one program offered by the department.  After combining two programs and dividing the work between two contractors, the project was made feasible and work began. The project included restructuring the roof, rebuilding walls, new windows, new interior doors, new flooring, siding and wiring. Luang Construction did the roofing, drywall and structural work. Holland Home Remodeling did the windows, siding, flooring, interior painting, and HVAC work.

The house was made habitable last December, and on February 28, final inspections were conducted. With only one minor correction to be made, the project is complete.