End in Sight for Bristol Place Demolition Phase

Phase 1 of the Bristol Place Redevelopment is nearing completion. The last building in the Bristol Place Neighborhood, located at 110 Garwood St, is slated to be demolished this week. Originally, eighty acquired structures required demolition to clear the site for the upcoming planned affordable housing development. Clearing of the site allows the City to turn the site over to the AHDVS, LLC, the chosen developer who will start construction on Phase 2 of the Bristol Place Development in late spring.

Instead of bidding the demolition of the whole site in one large contract, the City unbundled the demolitions into forty-two smaller packages ranging in size from one to four structures. City staff developed a pool of fourteen contractors that were allowed to bid on each of the Bristol Demolition Packages. Five different contractors won bids to demolish structures in Bristol place.

The site will be completely cleared prior to a construction groundbreaking ceremony in May. The site will eventually be turned over to Oak Grove Development Corporation for the purpose of redevelopment.