Now Showing: Champaign Connection Episode 61

On this episode of Champaign Connection, new Neighborhood Services Director Kerri Wiman talks with host Rick Atterberry about the mission and goals of the Neighborhood Services Department. Find out how her plans and goals for the department will help enhance our communities.  Next, meet the new Finance Director Kay Nees.  We get to know Kay and learn about her role as the finance director and what plans she has to keep the department’s mission and goals working to keep the City financially sound. Finally, Communications Manager Jeff Hamilton explains how the City Council establishes goals and objectives along with key projects that will guide our community.  Episode 61 is airing now through March 31.

Champaign Connection is a multi-national award-winning half hour news magazine program which helps the City to better communicate with its residents. The Communications Division produces Champaign Connection with input from the Communications Advisory Committee.

To watch Champaign Connection, go to channel 5 on Comcast or iTV Broadband, or channel 99 on AT&T. You can also watch on-demand on the City’s website and YouTube channel.