Increased Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety on Kirby Avenue Bridge

On Monday, October 23, 2017 the City of Champaign Public Works Department will activate the flashing yellow beacon system to provide motorists with a visual warning that pedestrians and bicyclists may be present as they cross over the bridge.  To activate the beacons, pedestrians and bicyclists press a button located on either side of Kirby Avenue (north or south). When the button is pushed beacons on both sides of the overpass (east and west) will flash.
The City of Champaign has also produced a short educational video about the beacon system, the video can be accessed at this link in your internet browser
Illinois Rules of the Road state that pedestrians walking on a roadway in two-way traffic should walk facing traffic. In turn, cyclists should ride in the same direction of vehicular traffic.
 If you’re a driver and you see the flashing lights, slow down and pay attention as you drive over the bridge. If you approach a pedestrian or bicyclist, stay a safe distance from them. Do not attempt to pass them or move into the other lane, until you have a clear view of oncoming traffic and can safely do so.

The City of Champaign encourages motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists to use caution and follow appropriate traffic laws to help keep the roads safe for all of us