West Hill Street Properties Get Exterior Repairs

As structures age, they often require maintenance to stay in good health. Individual structures and neighborhoods that are poorly maintained cost citizens more money, depress property values, and foster vandalism and crime. The best solution to maintaining good neighborhoods is for everyone to voluntarily comply with a standard of maintenance agreed upon by the community. Unfortunately, some property owners are unable to meet the expectations of the community without some help or additional incentives. That is why citizens have asked government to enforce minimum property maintenance standards. Enforcement of these standards protects surrounding property owners and tenants, who might otherwise suffer substandard conditions. The Municipal Code requires that structures be maintained in a sound, sanitary condition and all parts must be in good repair and working order.

Property Maintenance Inspector Tim Spear cited three properties in the 400 block of West Hill Street for peeling paint. The three properties have been brought into compliance. The first property installed siding, the second property repainted the house white, and the third property repainted the house dark green. The photos show before and after views of the properties.