City Abates Backed up Sewer Line

On Thursday, July 27, Property Maintenance Inspector Kim Burnett investigated a complaint of sewage coming from a clean out pipe at 1702 Sheridan. Inspector Burnett validated the complaint and initiated contact with the resident of the property.  The resident confirmed they were having plumbing issues.  Inspector Burnett showed the resident the clean out pipe where the raw sewage was being discharged.  Burnett proceeded to post the property with a 24-hour Notice to Abate requiring the violation to be immediately addressed.  Contact was also made with the property owner, who indicated they would have someone out there the next morning.  On Friday, July 28, Inspector Burnett observed repairs had been made but it appeared the line was still leaking.  She contacted the owner again who indicated that they were still working on it.  On Monday, July 31, Inspector Burnett confirmed all repairs were completed and the code compliance case was able to be closed.