Staff Holds Meeting with Timberline Valley South

Acting Neighborhood Coordinator Nina Sibley held a meeting with residents of the Timberline Valley South subdivision who expressed interest in forming a home owners association (HOA) to address neighborhood concerns. The informational meeting included an overview of necessary steps to form an HOA, how to generate interest, and benefits of registering the group with the Neighborhood Services Department. There were 15 residents in attendance and many expressed a willingness to do the work necessary to form the association for Timberline Valley South. Neighborhood Programs Manager Kerri Wiman and Code Compliance Manager David Oliver were also in attendance to assist with questions. Next steps for the group will be to review the packet of materials provided and pull together residents for an initial meeting. Staff is planning an additional follow-up meeting that will address both the HOA and the detention basin issue. That meeting is tentatively planned for late July.