New Crosswalk Coming Near Unit 4 Bus Barn

The Champaign School District recently constructed a new bus/transportation facility along the west side of Hagan Street, between Pioneer Drive and Dennison Drive.  This facility includes offices where drivers and monitors check in each day and where vehicle keys are stored.  On a given school day, up to 170 employees (drivers and monitors) cross Hagan Street, between the new facility and the existing bus facility on the east side of Hagan.  The school district has requested that a high visibility crosswalk be located between the two facilities, approximately 250 feet south of Pioneer Drive. This request has been approved.  In addition to the pavement markings on the street, crosswalk signs will be installed.  At the same time, new signs will be installed to reinforce existing No Parking To Corner restrictions at the intersections of Hagan/Pioneer and Hagan/Dennison.