Police Report on Distracted Driving Awareness Week Campaign

The Champaign Police Department and University of Illinois Police Department joined forces with other law enforcement agencies throughout the state of Illinois last week to bring attention to the dangers and consequences associated with distracted driving.

During the week, police shared educational resources and issued the following enforcement warnings and citations to drivers:

Violation Warnings Citations
Headset Receivers



Electronic communication devices –                                 petty offenses



Although Distracted Driving Awareness Week has ended, officers will continue to enforce these laws.

“The important lesson here is the role that each of us can play in the furtherance of a traffic safety culture,” shared Champaign Police Chief Anthony Cobb. “Distracted driving has been on the rise and is the number one killer of American teens. It’s up to us all to step up, leave the distractions, and be an example and supporter of safe driving practices.”

Visual, manual and cognitive attentiveness are all needed while driving. Citizens are encouraged to take a pledge against distracted driving by making the commitment to:

  • Keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel
  • Make all adjustments before driving, including entering GPS details
  • Pull over to read directions
  • Don’t text and drive
  • Don’t reach for items while driving
  • Avoid phone calls, even hands-free
  • Pull over to a safe area or rest stop when tired
  • Keep your emotions in check whenever you get behind the wheel
  • Encourage friends and family to take a traffic safety pledge with you!

Distracted Driving Awareness is a coordinated effort throughout the state organized by the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police in partnership with AAA and with support from the Illinois State Police and almost 300 local agencies. More information about Distracted Driving Awareness Week is available on the ILACP traffic safety website at www.iddaw.org.

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