Bristol Park Neighborhood Steering Committee Hosts Info Meeting with Developer, Residents

On Thursday, March 23, the Bristol Park Neighborhood Steering Committee hosted the public to learn more about the preliminary site plans for the Bristol Place redevelopment from developer AHDVS, LLC, and to consider a special request regarding honoring John Lee Johnson. In addition to Neighborhood Services Advisory Board (NSAB) and Steering Committee Chair Karen Foster, the meeting was also attended by NSAB member Michelle Anderson and Council members Matthew Gladney and Clarissa Fourman.

The site plan discussion started with an overview of the redevelopment process leading to the submission of a financing application by June 23. The developer provided draft documents that revealed the site plan (as submitted in a preliminary application) and building elevations, then offered an opportunity for the steering committee and public to give suggestions and comments on key features. Some of the comments and questions received during the meeting focused on slab foundations, setbacks, home ownership, streets vs alleys, snow removal and maintenance, and accessibility. The developer and contractor (Carlson Construction) answered several questions and encouraged the steering committee and audience to provide feedback for further consideration.

Attendees also heard from Anne Johnson, sister of John Lee Johnson, about an opportunity to honor his community advocacy work by naming some part of the new Bristol site after him. There was discussion around the history of the neighborhood name, Bristol Place, and whether this name will be kept in the new development. The group asked for Ms. Johnson to bring back additional information regarding his work and to allow time to discuss different naming opportunities, including the neighborhood, clubhouse, park areas, walking trails, or other suggestions. The committee also wanted to explore the possibility of other community members’ efforts that might warrant recognition and promotion. The ability to offer educational kiosks or plaques will be considered with this decision and will involve the development team. Approximately 40 people attended the meeting.

The next meeting will be held at Human Kinetics on April 20 from 6 pm to 7:30 pm.

Jim Roberts, AHDVS LLC presenting to the Bristol Place Steering Committee.
Photo provided courtesy of Natlie Wickman, News Gazette.