Smoke Alarm Blitz – Southwest Champaign

Firefighters and staff from the Champaign Fire Department along with volunteers from Christian Sheehan Family Event will be going door-to-door in a southwest Champaign neighborhood Saturday, March 25, 2017, offering to check smoke alarms and installing free smoke alarms in homes that need them.

This Smoke Alarm Blitz, beginning at 8:30 a.m., will  include approximately 225 homes within the boundaries of Hemlock Drive to the south; Mattis Avenue to the east; Kirby Avenue to the north; and Crescent Drive to the west.  This Blitz is taking place in the neighborhood that surrounds 1802 Cypress Drive, the location of the tragic fire that claimed two lives on March 26, 2016.

On March 18, 2017, volunteers will be going door-to-door distributing door hangers with information regarding the installation blitz on March 25th.  Door hangers will inform residents of the upcoming campaign, and include information about setting an appointment if they are unavailable Saturday.

Volunteers can contact Bailey McClellan, [email protected], to volunteer for the event.

The Champaign Fire Department reminds everyone that smoke alarms save lives.  Smoke alarms that are properly installed and maintained play a significant role in reducing fire deaths and injuries.  Smoke alarms should be tested once a month and replaced after 10 years.  If the smoke alarm sounds, get out and stay out.

Contact:  Randy Smith, Deputy Fire Marshal
Phone:  (217) 403-7212 | Cell:  (217) 840-9434