Inspectors Halt Illegal Parking in Front Yard

On January 23, Property Maintenance Inspector Susan Jones issued a violation notice to multiple properties along Bradley Avenue for illegally parking in the front yard. The owner at 1018 W. Bradley contacted her and said he was out of the country, but would address this when he returned. Susan explained the front yard parking restrictions in the City and that just putting down “gravel” where none existed was not a solution. A couple of days later, Jones drove by the property and the tenants had just finished installing gravel 12′ into the front yard. Jones stopped and explained that this was not allowed and the gravel would need to be removed. The property owner was contacted and sent pictures via email to illustrate the problem. Jones met with the owner on February 16 and he asked for a week to remove all of the rock and put dirt back down in its place. On February 23, the issue had been resolved and the case was closed.