Bid Opening & Demolition for 1202 N. Walnut

Following a bank foreclosure, the house at 1202 W. Walnut was donated to the City of Champaign as part of the Community Revitalization Program. Under the program, an interior inspection was completed by Rehabilitation Technician Joe Lewis and Property Maintenance Inspector Cliff Peete to determine if the structure was feasible for renovation. Unfortunately, the cost to renovate exceeded the fair market value of the house, resulting in the structure being advertised for demolition.

The bid opening for demolition was held on November 14, 2016, at 9:00 a.m. in Council Chambers. Four contractors were present at the Demolition Bid Opening: Duce Construction, ICD Iron Horse Inc., Mid Illinois Concrete, and Champaign Economic Restoration Endeavors, Inc. (CERE). A total of seven bids were received and read publicly. The resulting bids from contractors were:

  • Owen’s Excavating & Trucking: $16,365.
  • Miller Enterprises: $17,800.
  • ICD Iron Horse Inc.: $19,300.
  • Champaign Economic Restoration Endeavors Inc. (CERE): $20,000.
  • Lee Farms Excavating: $21,900.
  • Duce Construction: $32,750.
  • Mid Illinois Concrete: $38,600.

Owens Excavating & Trucking was the lowest bidder and was awarded the demolition contract. The property was demolished on February 8, 2017.