Traffic Control Order at Neil and Church

Traffic Control Order at Neil and Church

A new Traffic Control Order was recently approved by the City Manager for implementation at the intersection of Neil Street and Church/Main.  This intersection is signalized.  Previously, vehicles were allowed to turn right, from southbound Neil Street onto westbound Church Street, after stopping at the red light.  Vehicles behind the stop bar, had difficulty seeing traffic approaching the intersection from the east due to the One Main building and the landscaping at the northeast corner of the intersection.  This turn was further complicated by the jog that westbound traffic makes as it passes through the intersection.  Vehicles wanting to make the right turn often encroached on the pedestrian crosswalk in an attempt to see westbound traffic.  To alleviate this problem, “No Turn on Red” signs were posted, prohibiting a right turn on red for southbound vehicles on Neil Street.



Aerial view of Neil St. intersection with Church St. and Main St. – red arrow shows right turn to westbound Church St.



View of newly installed sign, within view of Hyatt Place sign.