Demolition Bid Opening – 1202 N Walnut

Bids for the demolition of 1202 N. Walnut were opened on November 14. Seven bids were opened, and four contractors were present at the Bid Opening in Council Chambers: Duce Construction, ICD Iron Horse, Inc, Mid Illinois Concrete, and Champaign Economic Restoration Endeavors, Inc (CERE). The bids were:

  • Owen’s Excavating: $16,365
  • Miller Enterprises: $17,800
  • ICD Iron Horse Inc.: $19,300
  • Champaign Economic Restoration Endeavors Inc. (CERE): $20,000
  • Lee Farms Excavating: $21,900
  • Duce Construction: $32,750
  • Mid Illinois Concrete: $38,600

After the contract is approved by the City’s Legal Department, a Notice to Proceed will be issued to Owen’s Excavating (lowest bidder) to demolish the structure.