Certified Housing 2016/2017 Inspection Cycle

Property Maintenance Inspectors Michael Lambert and Tim Spear have completed the initial inspections at the 51 Certified Housing Facilities in the City of Champaign.  The average number of violations per facility is trending down over the past 3 inspection cycles.  A total of 1,394 violations were cited at the 51 properties for an average of 27.33 violations per property.  In the 2015 / 2016 inspection cycle a total of 1,433 violations were cited at 52 properties for an average of 27.56 violations per property.  In the 2014 / 2015 inspection cycle a total of 1,692 violations were cited at 54 properties for an average of 31.33 violations per property.

Reinspections have been ongoing since the beginning of October.  28 of the 51 properties have had at least one reinspection.  13 of the properties have corrected all of the violations cited in the original violation notice.  One property did not have any violations cited during the initial inspection.