Dangerous Tree Abatement

Neighborhood Services
310 E John – Dangerous Tree Abatement

A dangerous tree was cited at a vacant fraternity house located at 310 E. John Street on July 18.  Property Maintenance Inspector Tim Spear issued a Notice to Abate for the dangerous tree to the property owners.  The property manager for the owner stated that they had hired a contractor to remove the tree, however, the tree was not removed.  Spear obtained two bids for the tree removal that exceeded $1,200.00.  Neighborhood Code Compliance Manager David Oliver was aware that Planning and Development staff were in discussions with a developer on plans to redevelop this property.  Assistant Planning and Development Director Rob Kowalski contacted the owner and the developer to request that the dangerous tree be removed.  On October 3, a contractor removed the dangerous portion of the tree.  Part of the tree remains at the property, but it is no longer a hazard.  The developer will likely complete the removal when the property is redeveloped.


Dangerous Tree – July 2016 – Pre-abatement

Dangerous Tree – October 2016 – Post-abatement