Planning Staff Partners with Historic Resources Survey

The Planning and Development Department will be working with undergraduate and graduate students from the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Illinois during the month of October to survey homes in the City of Champaign. This is a continuation of a historic resources survey project complete last year in the Davidson Park and Clark Park Neighborhoods. This year’s survey will focus on properties along Church Street between James Street and Eisner Park, a selection of homes along Armory Avenue between Prospect Avenue and Russell Street, the George Ramey Residence (919 W University) and the Joseph Royer Home (914 W Clark).  These neighborhoods were identified in Champaign Tomorrow: 2011 Comprehensive Plan as being excellent candidates for historic designation if so desired by property owners.

As a class project, students will be assessing the architecture of the neighborhood and researching the history of each property.  Alice Novak, professor and preservation consultant will be overseeing student work.  The surveys will look at architectural features, previous historic owners, and identify historic significance at the local, state and national level.  Property owners have been notified by mail of the survey and evaluation work.

The project is for informational purposes and will not designate any property as a historic landmark. Landmark designation must be initiated by the property owner.  These surveys will provide an opportunity for students to learn about preservation and the history of the City of Champaign, and the Planning and Development Department and community will benefit from the architectural and historic information.  Completed surveys will be available for property owners to view once completed.  We are encouraging any interested property owners and residents to contact the Planning and Development Department with questions or concerns about the survey project or the City’s historic preservation program.