Mattis Avenue Bridge Project Update

Mattis Avenue Bridget Project Update

The 2016 Bridge Maintenance Project was designed to rehabilitate the bridge over the Phinney Branch. The structure was built in 1977 and widened in 1986. The asphalt wearing surface has not been replaced since 1986. The current condition of the bituminous wearing surface is poor, containing surface defects, deformations, and cracking; resulting in poor driving conditions. The waterproofing membrane system has also deteriorated, permitting the infiltration of chloride from road salts onto the concrete deck beams, resulting in some surface spalling of the concrete deck beams. Below are pictures from the 1986 widening project.


Stark Excavating, Inc. was awarded the contract to repair the surface and deck beams of the Mattis Avenue Bridge. The existing bituminous deck surface and sidewalks will be removed and the deteriorated deck beams will be cleaned. A new reinforced, latex modified concrete surface will be installed on the bridge deck. New sidewalks will also be installed. Construction began on June 6, 2016 and is expected to be completed by August 5, 2016, weather permitting.