City Employees and Community Members Take Part in Phase 1 of a Neighborhood Fire Prevention Effort 

Staff and Firefighters from the Champaign Fire Department, staff from Champaign’s Neighborhood Services Department, and members of several community organizations completed phase 1 of the targeted-neighborhood fire prevention effort on Saturday, April 2.

Approximately 11 employees from the Champaign Fire Department, 4 employees from the Neighborhood Services Department, and 20 volunteers from community organizations canvassed two high-risk neighborhoods in northwest Champaign that have seen an increase of fire occurrences by 12 percent over the last 5 years.  Teams walked through the campaign area placing door hangers and yard signs to let the neighborhood know about the upcoming installation efforts on April 16.

On April 16, these same homes will be revisited to perform free smoke alarm inspections and installations as needed. The installation of smoke alarms is part of a targeted-neighborhood fire prevention effort using funds awarded by a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Fire Prevention Grant.  An estimated 800 smoke alarms and/or carbon monoxide detectors are scheduled to be installed.