City of Champaign Announces Proposed Settlement in Benjamin Mann Case

At their December 15, 2015, meeting, the Champaign City Council will consider approving a settlement to a lawsuit filed by Benjamin Mann against the City of Champaign, the Champaign Police Department, and seven police officers (Case No. 14-cv-2200).  The proposed $225,000 settlement would release all claims against the City and police, but does not admit to any liability in the disputed claim.

In his lawsuit, Mann alleges that while he was being arrested on March 16, 2014, a Champaign police officer used excessive force against him and that other police officers did not act to prevent such use of force.

“After considerate review of all the facts of the case, including the costs the City would incur to defend itself against these allegations, both parties agreed to settle,” reports City Attorney Fred Stavins.  “Both sides saw the benefit of avoiding the additional expense of litigation by putting this matter to rest.”


A copy of the City Council agenda item relative to the proposed settlement is available on the City’s website.  Details about Mann’s arrest and lawsuit were included in information the City released publicly on December 10, 2015, in response to Freedom of Information Act requests.


Contact:  Fred Stavins | 217-403-8765 | [email protected]