UIUC Tenant Services & Landlord Resources Conference

Code Compliance Manager David Oliver co-presented with Property Maintenance Inspector Stephen Chrisman from Urbana at the University of Illinois Tenant Union Tenant Services and Landlord Resources Conference on Friday, May 29, 2015. There were two goals for the conference: For attendees to share their collective expertise in the field, and to build bridges with both landlords and off-campus student housing communities. Oliver and Chrisman discussed code compliance inspection processes and commonly observed housing violations.

The importance of self-inspections at regular intervals in student housing was strongly suggested to address property maintenance concerns as they develop rather than waiting for a government entity to conduct an inspection. Property maintenance issues generally arise from normal wear and tear, aging of the housing units, improper maintenance and tenant neglect. In addition to the code compliance presentation, a keynote address was presented by Tom Betz, Directing Attorney from Student Legal Services. Mr. Betz’s presentation focused on the importance of building bridges and effective communication between landlords and tenants.

Other presentations included Lording and Renting in Chicago, Mold and Bedbugs, Therapy and Service Animals, Smoke Free Multi-unit Housing and Tenant Relationships. Overall, there were approximately 30 people in attendance and all were very pleased with the conference topics. The Tenant Union hopes to make this an annual event and reach out to more landlords to attend.

UIUC Tenant Services & Landlord Resources