New Sanitary Sewer Instrumentation Installed

The SmartCover is instrumentation mounted on the underside of a sewer manhole to monitor liquid levels in the manhole. SmartCover provides real time flow level monitoring with alarm notification. The SmartCover is portable and relocatable to help identify sewer blockages and sources of unusual sewer inflow.

SmartCover is wireless, self-contained, attaches to existing manhole covers, has two way communication utilizing satellites, and has its own power supply. SmartCover provides instant alarming for water level and intrusion, and alerts for system maintenance. Alarms are sent to mobile phones and emails.  Real time and historical data is available on the Hadronex secure website as well as maintenance logs.  Data can be exported for further analysis or used to create charts and/or graphs.  In addition, multiple locations can be displayed on a single graph.

Three SmartCovers were installed in early February 2015 to monitor sanitary sewers on a trial basis.  Two covers were installed in the John Street watershed and one cover was installed on campus.

The following photos are related to the installation process and show the instrumentation mounted to the manhole covers.

New Sanitary Sewer Instrumentation Installed   New Sanitary Sewer Instrumentation Installed