Champaign Fire Department Advises Winter Weather Safety Tips During Extreme Temperatures

With single and sub-zero temperatures soon to arrive, the Champaign Fire Department urges all to prepare to avoid injuries and property damage.   According to Champaign Fire Chief Gary Ludwig, single and sub-temperatures cannot only affect someone’s health, but pipes and outside water lines can freeze and burst if not protected.

Single and sub-zero temperatures are dangerous to one’s health. Hypothermia can be extremely dangerous to the young and older adults. A normal body temperature is 98.6 °F. A few degrees lower, for example, 95 °F, can be dangerous. It may cause an irregular heartbeat leading to heart problems and death.

Sudden drops in temperature can also give the false impression that it is safe to ice skate on ponds or other bodies of water because there is a layer of ice. In reality, the ice is not safe. The only true place to safely ice skate is on a commercial ice rink.

The Champaign Fire Department wishes to provide the following link for winter weather safety tips.