Alternative Routes to Shopping Districts North of I-74

With the holiday season approaching, the City of Champaign is encouraging motorists to use one of the many alternative routes to gain access to the North Prospect and North Neil shopping districts. Both of these corridors are highly trafficked and experience congestion during holiday seasons and other special events; like campus move in weekend and home football games. Public Works and Planning and Development Department staff created a campaign titled Shop More.Drive Less, which identifies the alternative routes. Large banners with maps of the routes and business locations will be displayed around businesses in the shopping districts to provide visuals of the routes. A full directory and map can be viewed at


Alternative routes include:

  • Mattis Avenue to Interstate Drive or Olympian Drive
  • Market Street to Olympian Drive
  • Interstate 57 to Olympian Drive or Market Street
  • Eastbound Interstate 74 to Northbound Interstate 57 to Olympian Drive

The City appreciates the cooperation of visitors to this area.

Click Here for Full Directory of Shopping and Dining in This Area!


Alternative Route Map

North Prospect District Logo