HR Risk Manager Attends Medicare Secondary Payer Educational Conference

On Monday, September 29 and Tuesday, September 30 Risk Manager Larry Krause attended the 2014 Medicare Secondary Payer Educational Conference in Rosemont, Illinois.  Speakers were attorneys that are well versed on the subject and included Daniel Anders and Russell Whittle from ExamWorks Clinical Solutions, Zachary Pyers and David Valant from Reminger and Robert Finley from Hinshaw and Culbertson.

Subjects covered included an overview of the Medicare Secondary Payer Act, Disability and Supplemental Security Income, Medicare and Medicaid, the effect of the Affordable Act on the Medicare Secondary Payer statute, Prescription Drugs and their effect on Medicare Set-Asides, Scenarios that have come about when employers attempted compliance, the SMART Act, Conditional Payment Resolutions, Changes and Updates in Mandatory Reporting, Medicare Secondary Payer scenarios in liability claims, Medicare Set Aside Allocations and Ethics.

The training will help the City to comply with the Medicare Secondary Payer Act and avoid potential fines and penalties for non-compliance.