West Washington Watershed Storm Sewer Lining Project

Today, September 18, 2014, the City of Champaign, through a contract with Insituform Technologies, began a storm sewer-pipelining project in the West Washington Watershed area. The proposed project will consist of lining approximately 2,600 lineal feet of 36-inch diameter storm sewer located along the north side of Washington Street stretching from Russell Street to Mattis Avenue. This pipe was previously owned by the Fountain Head Drainage District and recently transferred to the City of Champaign. This project will extend the life of the storm sewer system in this area. Typical work hours will be Monday through Friday, 7 AM to 7 PM the following workday (24 hours). All roadways will remain open for traffic. This project is anticipated to take 10 workdays to complete. Work may be postponed due to adverse weather forecasts or conditions or due to heavy storm sewer flow conditions following a rain event.

Pipe lining is a relatively new technology employed by the City for the past 5 years. Pipe lining involves the construction of a new structural pipe within the existing pipe. The work is performed from existing manhole access points within the system and the work is completed without any excavation or surface disruptions to property. The lining process is also more time efficient compared to traditional replacements involving excavations, with work generally being completed within a 24-hour timeframe per sectional liner. This pipe rehabilitation process relies on a thermal set chemical resin to construct a new hardened pipe within the existing system. Due to the process and size of the pipe that being lined in this area, the work will be required to continue uninterrupted until the pipe segment liner has been completed. This will require the City’s work activities to run in 24-hour cycles. The first 24-hour operation is scheduled for the area between Draper Avenue and the Robinson Court Detention Basin. After this area is complete, the contractor will move west, with work on each immediate block scheduled for a 24-hour time period. Overnight work will be required for this project. The City will work with the contractor to ensure that the night operations remain as quiet as possible; however, residents may experience trucks and equipment idling during the overnight hours.

All work for this project will encompass the former Fountain Head Drainage District easements (now City of Champaign easements) or within the City right-of-way. No private property outside of this easement area will be disturbed, except for light foot traffic required to access backyard manholes. The majority of manholes required for construction access are located on or adjacent to City streets or parkways. The City’s contractor will issue an informational door hanger 24 hours prior to working on any specific block. This hanger will provide an additional alert to residents in the immediate area. This door hanger will contain contact information in the event residents experience issues or have questions. Residents are encouraged to follow the instruction on the contractor door hanger in order to protect their homes from any potential unwanted odors or storm drain backups. During the work, residents may notice increased noise levels, truck traffic, and a chemical type odor in the air. The odor is not harmful and is a normal part of the lining process. Residents should call if there are specific concerns about the work. Residents are encouraged to keep doors and windows closed during the course of the work to lessen the potential for unwanted odors.

The City appreciates the cooperation and patience of residents and travelers in the affected area.