Certified Housing Inspections

The annual Certified Housing Inspections started on September 2, 2014.  Property Maintenance Inspectors Mike Lambert and Tim Spear have completed inspections in 16 of the 54 facilities as of September 12, 2014.  The facilities that are inspected in the first two weeks of the program are facilities that had the highest amount of violations in the previous year.  The violations are typically minor electrical (missing cover plates, extension cords, etc.), damage to walls / ceilings, and damaged / inoperative exit signs / emergency lights.  One facility does have a significant violation that needs to be addressed.  This facility had damage to several radiators and has removed the radiators from the rooms leaving the rooms without heating facilities.  The facility planned to use portable heaters in place of the radiators.  The housing notice made it clear that the use of portable heaters in place of the building heating system was not acceptable and warned that some of the sleeping rooms could be condemned for occupancy if the radiators are not replaced with permanent heating facilities.