Bristol Place Offer Letters

NSD completed a mass mailing to both tenants and property owners in the Bristol Place Neighborhood advising them of the City’s interest in purchasing their property.  Letters to the tenants explained that they were not being asked to move, just being made aware that we are in contact with the owners of their homes about purchasing the property.  Property owners received offers to purchase, with the purchase price established as either the higher of the 2014 appraised value or the 2011 tax assessment value when the Bristol Park Plan was adopted by City Council.

Several responses/inquiries were received in the first 4 business days.  Many tenants are calling to better understand what is expected of them and the timeline for the City’s acquisitions and their relocation.  With the City acquiring vacant properties first, it is not likely that any tenant relocations will take place this year.  Tenants will have, at a minimum, 90 days notice to move.  The City is also responsible to find the tenants comparable housing and to pay for any rent gap that may exist from what they were paying for their Bristol home to what the cost of the comparable housing may be.

Any questions regarding the letters should be sent to Community Development Specialist Greg Skaggs.