Bristol Park Neighborhood Plan Update

A City Council Study Session was held this week to discuss the City’s Draft Bristol Place Demolition Policy. Council appreciated the effort to try to develop a “contractor development” aspect to the Demolition Policy. The intent is that through the three year demolition period the City may be able to develop some new minority contractors that will be able to bid, not only on future City projects, but other State of Illinois projects. The idea of having a criteria that must be met by contractors in order to participate in the demolition bidding process was seen as a better solution that the development of a matrix system that would weigh a contractor’s bid against desired criteria. The contractors meeting the City’s criteria will be allowed to participate in a contractor pool that will bid on the Bristol Place demolitions. Council would like to see recycling and reuse of materials as an integral part of the demolition process. The final Demolition Policy is planned for Council adoption on September 2, 2014.

Greg Skaggs met with Mary Turner from the Illinois Procurement Technical Assistance Center and Sharie Carter-Bane of SC-B Consulting Services to discuss contractor development through the Bristol Place Demolition Policy. A future contractor pre-bid meeting will be planned to discuss the criteria for participation in the demolition contractor pool. The City will examine retaining the services of SC-B Consulting Services to assist contractors to achieve State of Illinois certification and help them with the skills needed to develop a business plan, complete bid documents, and grow the professionalism of their business.