Ameren Act On Energy Audit Update

The City of Champaign and Ameren Act On Energy are making progress on the energy audit and incentive program.  This is an important step to accomplish the goal to ‘make housing more affordable by making it more energy efficient.’

The program provides free energy audits and an incentive increase for insulation and air sealing projects for Champaign residents in one and two family homes.  City funds will boost the existing Ameren incentives by 20%.  On average, the Ameren and City incentives will pay for nearly half of the total project.  Incentives can only be received when improvements are completed by a contractor certified as an Ameren Program Ally.

The program was launched at the STAR Awards in April and over forty households enrolled at the event.  Audits are currently scheduled through the end of July, with August dates filling up.  Over twenty audits were completed by June 13 and four improvement projects have been approved.   The next phase of community outreach for the program will begin in August.

Because Ameren auditors serve all of Central Illinois, choice dates fill up quickly.  Participants should expect their audit to be three or more weeks into the future when calling to schedule. To schedule an audit or learn more about home improvement incentives, call Ameren Act On Energy at 1-866-838-6918.