First Graders Visit the Library

We want all first graders to get a good start in reading, school, and library use. That’s why we bring first grade classes from Unit 4 and private schools to the library for a fun-filled visit, one school at a time. Book-related games and activities introduce students to the library’s wonderful collection of children’s materials. And we make it easy to get a library card by sending applications home to parents beforehand.

A recent study shows what librarians have long known: children who enjoy reading are likely to do significantly better in school than their peers, even in subjects such as math.

Even more impressive: reading often for enjoyment and regular library use were found to be more important to a child’s academic success than the parents’ level of education and social background.

Our first grade visits open the door to success in school and a lifetime of reading and library use.

Bottenfield First Graders     Bottenfield