Champaign Connection – Episode 39

The latest episode of Champaign Connection debuted February 1st and runs through the end of March. This episode covers a variety of interesting topics which include:

  • Lacey Rains Lowe, City Planner, discusses the recent changes that allow Champaign residents to raise chickens in their own backyards. Find out why the change was made and what rules hen owners will have to follow to keep the peace in their neighborhoods.
  • Elliott Nelson, Assistant to the City Manager, shares information about the background and importance of the City Council’s goal setting process.  Tune in to learn about the Council’s new goals and the projects staff will work on to make them a reality.
  • Bruce Knight, Planning and Development Director, discusses the success of Council’s ongoing goal to promote and expand economic opportunities in Champaign.  Learn more about the big projects popping up all over town and why fostering new businesses really benefits the entire community.

Champaign Connection is an award-winning 30-minute news magazine which helps the City better communicate with its residents.  The show airs on CGTV (Comcast channel 5 and U-verse channel 99) nightly at 6:30 PM.  The show is also available on-demand on the City’s website.  Champaign Connection is produced by the Information Technologies Department with input from the Communications Advisory Committee.


Backyard Hens


Champaign Connection Interview


New Hotel