Taylor Street Balconies Completed

On November 5, 2013, Council gave the final approval for a license agreement to Lois Wacholtz, owner of Christopher’s Fine Jewelry Design, to update the building façade, create a new store entrance, and construct new balconies extending over the Right-of-Way on Taylor Street just east of Neil Street.  The balconies were recently completed along with the northern wall reconstruction.

This façade was partially paid for through the City’s Storefront Improvement program.  The new space created behind Christopher’s Fine Jewelry Design will take its new access off of Taylor Street and will add to the vibrancy of the Taylor Street Plaza.  The new entrance can be seen in this photo.  We congratulate Christopher’s on this fine building improvement.  For more information on the Storefront Improvement Program, please contact T.J. Blakeman in the Planning and Development Department at (217) 403-8800 or [email protected]