1000 Block West Vine Street Meeting

The Neighborhood Services Department facilitated a neighborhood meeting for the 1000 block of West Vine Street in order to respond to concerns of neighbors about zoning and code compliance issues. The meeting was attended by representatives from various City Departments, Council Members Karen Foster and Marci Dodds, and 15 residents from the block. In order to ensure open dialog between the neighbors, NSD secured the services of local attorney and mediation professional, Bianca Green, to facilitate the group discussion. The goals of the meeting were to clearly communicate and educate residents about zoning and code regulations, outline enforcement procedures and expectations, and provide an opportunity for neighbors to engage with each other in a non-threatening environment.

The neighbors who participated in the meeting gained an appreciation and understanding for each other while also agreeing to continue to work to develop solutions to current neighborhood problems. Those in attendance agreed to work with Neighborhood Services to form a registered neighborhood group. As its first priority, the group expressed an interest in helping one of the neighbors with addressing some recurring property maintenance challenges that have been an ongoing point of consternation and other issues where necessary. The meeting really signified a coming together of community to preserve its neighborhood assets and to help a neighbor with some significant challenges in the process.