City of Champaign Update for Storm Response

The City of Champaign Public Works Department continues its plan to mobilize resources in preparation for the rainfall that is forecasted to affect our area over the weekend. Public works staff will report at 9 am on Saturday morning and will continue working 24 hours per day as needed to address any problems that may arise as a result of the storm. The National Weather Service forecast calls for heavy rainfall of six to eight inches and potential localized winds with the potential to cause flooding in streets and viaducts. Citizens are encouraged to take appropriate precautions when driving.

Today in preparation of the storm; service trucks were loaded with portable barricades, lights, rain gear and other tools that can be used to help clear clogged inlets and address flooding. Crews have visited several areas that are prone to flooding and dropped off barricades to provide them the ability to quickly block off an area as needed. Additional staff continue to monitor and clean inlets on streets and the Boneyard detention basin.

Citizens are encouraged to call the Public Works Department at 217-403-4700 to report flooding. Public Works staff ask that any citizen who attempts to clear a clogged inlet on their own to remain at curb level and to not enter the flooded streets.

Citizens looking for more information about how to address flooding can visit the Ready Illinois webpage on flooding.

Public Works staff will continue to proactively monitor forecasts and respond in a timely and efficient manner to threats of inclement weather.