Municipal Electric Aggregation Program Update

The next phase of the City’s Municipal Electric Aggregation program began last week with the mailing of approximately 25,000 letters to the residents and small commercial businesses that qualify for automatic enrollment into the City’s program. City staff utilized a variety of communication methods to inform the public the letters were being mailed. These methods included a news conference held by Public Works Director Dennis Schmidt and Mayor Don Gerard; appearances by Dennis Schmidt on the WCIA morning show and WDWS News-Talk Radio; and postings on CGTV, Facebook, and Twitter.

The letters were mailed on Thursday, June 14 and resulted in a spike of customer inquiries to the Public Works Department and Integrys Energy on Monday, June 18, with over 100 calls received by both entities on that date.

While the types of questions received vary, the most frequently asked are:

1) Will this program rate be beneficial?

2) Will this program lower Ameren’s delivery surcharges?

3) Inquiries relating to the contract.

City staff and Integrys customer service representatives are and continue to be ready and eager to respond to citizen inquiries about the program.