“Officer of the Year”

Congratulations to Champaign Police Detective, Mark Vogelzang for being selected as the “2011 Officer of the Year.” Detective Vogelzang was selected by a committee of his peers for exemplifying the values of Service with Pride.

Detective Mark Vogelzang is highly skilled at interviews, research and gathering information, properly applying the law, understanding the restrictions of the law, and seeking the advice/assistance from other detectives, supervisors, city departments, and private entities. He conducts himself in a professional manner during every contact he has with other police personnel, city employees, and especially our customers – the citizens of Champaign.

He has solved dozens of vehicle and residential burglary cases which have led to the successful prosecution of felons, the recovery of stolen property and ultimately a safer community. Because of his role on the Burglary Reduction Unit, Detective Vogelzang works continually with outside agencies and the public. Detective Vogelzang’s work ethic and demeanor allow him to successfully gain cooperation and build lasting relationships with those people and groups. He is extremely organized, and takes personal pride in his physical appearance.

He has rightfully earned the respect of his co-workers and his supervisors as being a hard-working, productive detective, who is a role model for others.