Champaign Police Department Prepares for “Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day” Event

In preparation for the Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day activities to be held on the U of I campus on March 5, 2010, the Champaign Police Department is asking community members and potential visitors to celebrate responsibly and be mindful of local laws and ordinances. Maintaining order and public safety will be a priority for officers; therefore, the following ordinances, in addition to those related to minors in possession of or consuming alcohol and public possession of alcohol will be strictly enforced.

Throwing of Dangerous Material
The throwing of dangerous materials is a violation in Champaign. If the material is thrown from a balcony, resident(s) as well as the person throwing the material are subject to a minimum fine of $215.

Private Parties
Private functions where the house is charging admission, charging for cups or wristbands or in any way compelling a person to pay for alcohol are operating as an illegal liquor establishment and are subject to multiple fines. Private-party hosts must ensure that minors are not receiving or consuming alcohol.

Unlawful use of ID/Misrepresentation of Age
Those who possess or present illegal IDs to include false, fraudulent or altered IDs as well as IDs not belonging to them may face minimum fines of $300.

Nuisance Parties
Disorderly, disruptive conduct or conduct that creates a public safety concern typically will result in enforcement of local ordinances. Officers may order the termination of the party and clearing of the event location. If you choose to drink, please do so legally and responsibly.

Citizens may report complaints or safety concerns to (217) 351-4545. For detailed information regarding the event, please visit the “Official Public Safety Page on Unofficial” Facebook page.